(Adopted 2008)

To Know God's Word,

Do God's Work,

Live God's Love. 


(Adopted 2011)

To be a beacon of faith, compassion, and justice for St. Louis, the wider community, and beyond.


(Adoped by the church Council in 2020)

The Guiding Principles of First Congregational Church of St. Louis describe the values that guide our church and its members throughout our faith journey. We will.... 

Practive Extravagant Welcome

  • Invite and honor the contributions of every member, quirks and all.
  • Be grateful for the gifts and time that each of us dedicate to FCC.

Demonstrate Faithful Leadership

  • Value people and our faith community over money and material things.
  • Share concerns with the appropriate person and keep discussions and comments of others confidential.
  • Celebrate successes, own mistakes, and fail faithfully together and in community.

Engage in Inclusive Decision Making

  • Be thoughtful, respectful and transparent in our decision making.
  • Value building consensus and move forward faithfully once a decision is reached.
  • Listen to one another and debate with respect; honor the contributions of every member.

Overall, we will be guided by FCC's mission to Know God's Word, Do God's Work, and Live God's Love.


(Adopted 2008)

Community & Fellowship

We are a Christian community where all can and do participate. Grounded in God’s love, we nurture one another.

Open Minds & Hearts

We are all God’s children, and we accept and affirm our differences. God loves each of us unconditionally, and we reflect that love in our openness to others.

Shared Worship

Creative, participatory and expressive worship helps us encounter God and binds us together into the Body of Christ. The Spirit is at work through music, the Word, and celebration of our life together.

A Thinking Faith

Young and old, we are all growing in our Christian formation. Inquiry and dialogue draw us to God and open us to the change needed in ourselves and the world.

Mission & Service

We are called to do God’s work of justice and peace. We seek to serve others as Jesus served, and to be transformed by the encounter.