Our Partnership With Bridge Bread

Bridge Bread is a local social enterprise designed to provide job opportunities for people experiencing homelessness. One Sunday a month we sell Bridge Bread products after worship.

Bridge Bread accepts people as they are and allows them to participate in the program with minimal training and minimal commitment. The (formerly) homeless bakers are the only paid employees of Bridge Bread. They make bread and sweet rolls and the proceeds pay their wages and cover the cost of ingredients. Donations cover rent, utilities, and insurance.

To support Bridge Bread, First Congregational Church sells their products one Sunday a month after worship. All of the money collected goes right back to Bridge Bread. Learn more about Bridge Bread and why they are so important to our community by watching their video "Hope in the Baking" below.  

Upcoming Bridge Bread sales at First Congregational Church:

     -Sunday September 9

     -Sunday October 7

     -Sunday November 18

     -Sunday December 16


You can visit the Bridge Bread bakery at 2639 Cherokee Street, and learn more at bridgebread.org